Old Media, New Media, And Us.

This week my focus is on how we consume media. This post will probably be a good prelude to one of the themes that I'll focus on in the long run. In fact, I've already touched upon it a fortnight ago. In that post I said that the big media companies were "stuck in a pre-internet mentality where only they had the say". Today I'll expand on that a little bit. A few weeks ago two very contentious pieces of legislation, called... Read more

Pakistan Versus England: Where Do We Go From Here?

The 3-0 drubbing of England is one of Pakistan cricket's greatest triumphs. As a Pakistani, the joy is unimaginable, especially given our trip to hell and back in the past two years. In its aftermath, the English press is doing what it does best: eviscerating the English team and calling for Pietersen’s head. Pakistan, on the other hand, is thinking a bit far ahead. They are starting to aim at that elusive number one ranking in Test cricket. It’s a great goal, but [...] Read more

Heard Around the Web

Just to get this blog going, I’ll try to do bite-sized weekly posts with things I liked around the web (or TV, or anywhere else really). In no particular order:

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